There are no limits to what I can do

Richard is acting a petty thief who walks around in his home and tells about everything that he has stolen. He hasn’t bought anything, not the books, nor the tooth brush… and the apartment is not his own either. The story evolves to a story of his life. He took small tings with his father and now he is a father himself and has to quit this bad habit. Most people have pilfered in stores and at work but no one confesses that they steel.

Richard Dinter and Magdalena Dziurlikowska, 2007, 9:20 min.
Exhibited: Documentary Festival in Kassel, Short Film Festival in Oberhausen, Uppsala Short Film Festival, Biograf Spegeln in Malmö and Teatergalleriet in Uppsala.
Collections: Filmform.
Recension i Upsala Nya Tidning.